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Rencana Induk Pengembangan Pariwisata (RIPPDA) Kota Ternate

Ternate City is blessed with so many tourism potential which can be further developed. However, several problems emerge in developing the tourism industry in the City. The problems consist of external and internal problems. External problems faced by Ternate City consisted of problems related with Indonesia’s Macro Economy such as unrecovered multidimensional crisis, unrecovered public negative image about security in Indonesia, low level of public awareness about the crucial role of tourism-aware group (kelompok sadar wisata) in supporting the tourism activity as well as inter-city competition. Internal problems consisted of social problems in the tourism object, the limited budget to develop institutional and human resources capacity, the lack of supporting infrastructure in the tourism object, the limited promotion activity, the lack of law protection for tourist and tourism community as well as lack of environmental impact management.

Regarding the complexity of tourism activities in Ternate City, it is considered necessary to design a systematic and comprehensive strategy to develop the tourism industry so that the local tourism development in Ternate City will be more directed, well-planned and sustainable.

Using strategic management approach, the strategy was designed based on several strategic issues such as: 1) how to develop cooperation with many stakeholder especially foreign and national investors, main tourism destination in Eastern Indonesia as well as Northern Maluku, 2) how to develop local community’s capacity and involvement in managing tourism environment, 3) how to establish tourism institutions by making a strategic plan and implement it, making policy that support tourism industry development, making regional rules (peraturan daerah) for tourism development, management and coordination of tourism institutions including the society, business and government, 4) how to conduct an efficient and effective promotion in cooperation with investors and travel bureau, 5) how to provide better infrastructures, tourism supporting facilities, natural and cultural conservation, 6) how to make tourism as regional main development sector by set it as local government policies, 7) how to develop human resources in tourism, 8) how to develop better tourism access using main channel Makasar-Manado-Ternate for domestic and foreign tourists.

This tourism development strategy requires changing approach in tourism management to the tourism management which emphasizes networking with various stakeholders. The tourism development in Ternate City should be perceived using new approach and perspective, not only that it should be effective and efficient but also that it will involve local community participation. So, the tourism development strategy should be improved from ‘tourism management’ to ‘networking and social participative management’ in which cooperation and local community involvement as tourism users and operators have significant role in accelerating the tourism development.


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